Virginia Pride

Online Service Terms and Acceptable Use Policy


For The Entirety of this Document, Virginia Pride shall be deemed to represent Gay Pride Virginia, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization in Richmond, VA. Virginia (or VA) Pride is a d/b/a for Gay Pride Virginia.


These terms shall apply to all users of any electronic system owned, leased, and/or maintained by or for Virginia Pride. This includes all vendors, sponsors, users, directors, officers, volunteers, staff, or any other  person, entity, computer, program, or bot. Systems include all pages of the domains: gaypridevirginia.com, gayprideva.com, gayprideva.net, gayprideva.org, gaypridevirginia.net, vapride.com, vapride.info, vapride.net, vapride.org, and any other domain owned by, or associated with Virginia Pride. This shall also include interactions on social media sites  controlled by Virginia Pride; including but not limited to; facebook.com/virginiapride, and  twitter.com/va_pride.

Systems shall also include all mail exchange (MX) systems serviced on behalf of Virginia Pride. This includes, but is not limited to; Google, and Google Docs, and Mail Servers hosted by third parties on behalf of Virginia Pride that may not have addresses within the aforementioned domains.


Violations of these terms and conditions may result in deletion, and banning from any or all Virginia Pride Technology Resources, at the discretion of the administrator and/or the Board of Directors of Virginia Pride. If banned, you may file an appeal by vapride@vapride.org.


All use of Virginia Pride Technology Resources is subject to monitoring of the activities taking place on Virginia Pride Technology Resources. The administrator reserves the right to audit and view any and all traffic on any technology resources. All communications with Virginia Pride are the property of Virginia Pride.



Virginia Pride reserves the right to maintain comprehensive lists of contacts that have voluntarily provided information to Virginia Pride for the purposes of their own marketing.

Information shall be removed within 30 days of written request to  vapride@vapride.org.


By attending any Virginia Pride event, you implicitly grant Virginia Pride your permission to use your likeness  for any purpose. You waive your right to remuneration for the use of your likeness.  Upon written request to remove a usage instance of your likeness, Virginia Pride will make reasonable attempts to honor your request, though the removal of your likeness is neither guaranteed nor obligated.


All users of any Virginia Pride resource are prohibited from directly or indirectly:

  1. Making threats or other vulgar statements directed at any individual or group of individuals or other class of persons.
  2. Making threats against any individual or group of individuals.
  3. Posting or sending any pornographic or otherwise sexual material.
  4. Advocating for any group that serves to undermine the mission of Virginia Pride
  5. Attempting to access or accessing resources to which access was not granted by the Administrator.
  6. Placing malicious code on any server or resource as listed above.
  7. Sending, attempting to send, or allowing to be sent; any software or malware to, through, or from a Virginia Pride Technology Resource.
  8. Advocating for or actually breaking any law of the Commonwealth of Virginia, or the United States of America.
  9. Placing Advertisements without the written consent of Virginia Pride


Virginia Pride is based in the CITY OF RICHMOND in the COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA. Any suits brought by or  against Virginia Pride must be brought in accordance with the laws of the City of Richmond, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the United States of America. Any suit must be brought in either the Circuit Court of Richmond, VA, or the Federal Courts of the Eastern District of Virginia.


Virginia Pride Reserves the Right to limit or prohibit access to any electronic resource at any time for any reason.


Without the express written consent of Virginia Pride, no Picture, image, or other graphic may be “hot linked” or copied for use on another web page. This shall include logos, images, and photographs.


Virginia Pride may utilize any internal or third party means for tracking of demographic and usage data for  the purposes of our own marketing. Virginia Pride will never release any personal information without  your express written consent. Virginia Pride is not responsible for any third party used for analyzing data,  including but not limited to, Google Inc., Squarespace Inc., and Media Temple, Inc.


All transactions involving credit or debit cards, are handled exclusively outside of the Virginia Pride environment. Virginia Pride at no time electronically captures credit or debit card information, and is considered OUT OF SCOPE for the purposes of PCI Compliance. By interactively making any purchase on a Virginia Pride electronic resource, you are agreeing to hold Virginia Pride harmless for any data breach or  release of information, and understand that all payments are processed by our third party providers (currently: Squarespace, and Stripe). Further you understand that Virginia Pride may at any time and without notice change third party providers.


All information on Virginia Pride Mailing Lists is property of Virginia Pride. However, Virginia Pride does not  maintain these lists. Virginia Pride Mailing Lists (including Volunteer Applications, and Vendor Applications) are maintained by third party providers (currently MailChimp). Virginia Pride is not liable for data breaches or any  other release of personal information by Virginia Pride’s Third Party mailing list provider.

Participation in any Virginia Pride Mailing list is voluntary, and your name and personal information can be removed at your written request. However, in some circumstances, failure to maintain membership on a mailing list may disqualify you from further opportunities or consideration.


Virginia Pride, at their sole discretion may change this agreement. Continued use of a Virginia Pride Electronic Resource constitutes agreement to the current terms


Questions regarding this agreement or any Electronic Resource should be directed in writing to vapride@vapride.org


If any portion of this agreement should be ruled by a court of law, with competent jurisdiction, to be un- enforceable, the remainder of this agreement shall remain intact.

This represents the full agreement, between all users of Virginia Pride Technology Systems, and Virginia Pride. Continued use represents such user’s understanding and agreement to such terms, and such terms shall remain in force until such time as they are changed in accordance with SECTION 13.