2014 VA Pride Moves to a New Location

Have you heard the great news?  As of April 2014, the VA Pride board had locked down a new location for our yearly event!  Through it's work with Venture Richmond, the 2014 Pride Festival will now be held at Brown's Island!  With this new venue, we should so an attendance of up to 20,000 and we invite the growth with open arms!

We know that by moving the location of our venue, we will be able to draw a larger crowd and provide our vendors with a better means to reach out to their community!  This new location offers a much larger space for visitors to circulate and explore the different things that Pride has to offer.  This year we hope this includes a larger list of food vendors, merchant vendors, and non-merchant vendors.  Additionally we are hoping to include a kids area and much more!

Please know that your VA Pride Board is here to represent the community as a whole.  While we realize that we cannot please everyone, we do our best to represent the largest requests and populations.  That said, should you have any suggestions on how to make this Pride Festival one that you will not want to miss, please contact us


Together all of us will make this a Pride to remember!


Brian Reach